Nordische Handelsgesellschaft Carroux

In the market since 1921, Carroux Group has excellent national and international trade relations both on the customer and the supplier side. Our consequent and constant contact management contributes to ensuring the safety of raw material supply in the long run. Customers of Carroux Group can always rely on a high degree of service and quality commitment – irrespective of the fact with which of our companies you
start your business relation. Our products are available at the desired date, even on short notice, and will be delivered by ship, in rail tank cars, by road transport or in barrels or in IBC as piece goods. To be able to satisfy the increasing demand for renewable energies, Nordische Handelsgesellschaft Carroux (NHC) has been delivering vegetable and animal fats and oils for energy generation since 2005. A constantly growing number of satisfied customers from this industry and from the transport industry confirm the well-known quality of our services.Our customers had best experience, in particular, with the generation of energy from vegetable oils from rape, soy and palm, either crude or refined.